10590440_10101719997368468_5509805544479411397_nGrowing up in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, the niceness of Nashville was a shock that I have fallen in love with. When a friendly stranger tapped on my shoulder to wave hello, I thought he was trying to mug me. But, no, people just say HI here!

So, hi! I’m Scarlet! I’m the author of The Weekly Prayer Project, and I’m currently working on a book with B&H Publishing Group! For updates on that, sign up to be on my email list over on the right!

After earning a degree in biblical counseling, I worked as a 4th grade teacher before entering the media world. Now, I’m raising my three little girls, Ever and Brooklyn, and Joy, who we recently adopted from China. Because Joy is deaf, we’ve been trying to learn sign language and figure out a new normal for our family.

People ask me when I have time to write. Most of my work is done when little people are sleeping, or while at the gym, which has great childcare and doesn’t mind if I sit in their lobby and eat chocolate while healthy people work out on treadmills 20 feet away from me.