We’re Going To Be Okay

Started my blog a year ago today and this was my first post. Last year, we were praying and fighting for joy as we walked through darkness, as a family. This year, our circumstances are rosier, and our God hasn’t changed one bit. He is still full of mercy and love, He is with us now like He was then. He is good now, just like He was then. Thankful to be the daughter of the One whose name is Faithful and True. I knew, when I wrote this, that we were going to be okay, and here we all are. Mom is healed. Grandpa #1 and #2 are in heaven with Jesus. We’re on the hunt for a third car seat and an extra chair for the dining room table. We are more than okay, because our God is always good.

Scarlet Hiltibidal

8458681569_ae61b8a9b3_z Photo by Flickr user: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

Sometimes, you’re getting group texts from your dad about how brave your mom is during her first chemo, and while you’re looking at them, your baby falls out of her high chair onto her head, and you’re at a restaurant trying to be cheerful for your sweet mother-in-law’s birthday dinner, and you whisk your freshly injured baby into the waiting area and stand facing the painting on the wall so no one will see you crying. But, you see that you’re face to face with a painting of a guy standing in a field full of bulls.

And the painting makes you think of being a five-year-old flower girl at your mom’s second wedding because her new husband – the guy that would adopt and love you as if you were his daughter by blood – would attend his own wedding with a major pectoral injury…

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2 thoughts on “We’re Going To Be Okay

  1. Heather Lung

    What’s funny is you were fighting for “joy” in your first blog and here you are fighting for “Joy”.

    You have so many blessings my dear. I pray you see them everyday! I know we all have bad days, hard times, forever struggles, and days that seem to go on and on and on. I have to stop myself, take a breath and look at my blessings to remember … as you say … ” we are going to be ok!”

    Thank you Scarlett for all you do and everything you think goes unnoticed. You truly are a blessing honey!!!!

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